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Wanna know a crazy secret about getting a new website?

Most people have absolutely no idea what they need (or why).

You’re not an expert at this stuff… That’s why you’re hiring someone else to do it. (Duh).

And I don’t try to DIY your job, do I? That’d just be silly!

So, I could be like the other “web designers” and ask you to tell me exactly how to create your digital brand and website…

But I la-looove big-picture strategy and helping you achieve solid results (and profit!) in your business.

So let’s take the guesswork out of this whole website thing.

I’m going to tell you exactly what you need for your unforgettable, one-of-a-kind, lead-generating website. And I’m going to give it to you in one package, for one easy price.

Ready for your business to Take Flight?

Let’s start with 3 things needed for a successful website:

Premium Brand PositioningWe position your brand as an authority, enabling you to attract clients rather than chase them. Stand out as the obvious choice amongst your competitors, because let’s face it… You are the obvious choice.
Clear & Strategic Content Flow
We map out your visitor’s journey from the time they arrive on your site to the moment they excitedly click “buy now”.
Beautiful & Consistent Design
We’ll get them on their first impression. They’ll want to work with you instantly and won’t even care what you’re selling. Excited fans and followers are eminent.

With Take Flight, you’ll be all set up for these 3 things and more.

Warning: This is a transformational process.
Side effects include: Confidence, Results, and CA$H!

TaVona Denise

“What does it feel like to be excited, proud, relieved, thankful that someone GETS you, your brand, your vision? To work with someone how is quick to respond, organized and intuitive? Working with Tiffany, after having worked with approx 6 designers for 2 businesses over the past 7 years was unlike any other. Period.”
TaVona Denise, Business and Lifestyle Coach

Having Tiffany build my website was a very supportive and confidence-building experience. It was a relief to feel that something so vital to my business was being so competently managed. As a professional organizer, I understand the significance of organization to success. Website Angel offered a clear, well-organized, and tailored approach to achieving my specific goals.
Annette Reyman, All Right Moves™

Ready for your business to Take Flight?

Here’s what you get:

Brand Strategy & Clarity Session

It’s time to talk to someone who just gets it so you can stop second guessing yourself, changing your mind a gazillion times, and hone in on your brand and message. We’ll create a plan together that puts your dreams into action, starting with the foundational elements of your business.

Brand Style Guide

No worries about maintaining your new “look” after your website launches. With your Brand Style Guide, you’ll know exactly how to create marketing materials for your business while staying true to your brand, whether you’re hiring an assistant to whip up some graphics or DIYing it with Canva.

Website Design & Development

First impressions are important. We’ll design a totally unique & beautiful website for your business that aligns with your strategy & brand. You’ll be able to update your content whenever you want. And you’ll look amazing as you confidently build your business.

Email & Social Media Branding

We’ll brand your most popular social media platform with your new look and create branded templates for social media images and your email newsletter for the final touch. Complete with Pro status: Achieved.

Plus, these FREE bonuses:

Fascination Advantage Archetype Report Your personal brand Fascination Profile. Discover what people love about you so you can emphasize those traits, be more persuasive, and hone in on your unique, valuable qualities. (example)
12 Months Angel Care Hosting Essentials Keep your website running fast, smooth, and secure with website monitoring, automatic backups, and plugin updates.

“I went through 4 webmasters on my way to finding you, and WOWOWOWOWOW! What a blessing you have been. I so appreciate your excellent work ethic, quick turn-around time, and commitment to customer service. You’re the best!!”
Debrena Jackson Gandy, Nationally-Published Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Success Coach

“Now I’m rocking social media, I have a very engaging Facebook group, all of my pictures are watermarked with my new logo, I use my brand colours everywhere, my list is finally growing and I’m booking clarity calls! Tiffany delivered SO much more than I originally bargained for when I asked her to build me a new website.”
Maddie Penko, Health Coach

Ready for your business to Take Flight?

Imagine being free from that gut-wrenching feeling of having a website that needs to be “fixed.”

This transformational process will leave you with an amazing brand and website that totally aligns with your business goals. It will help you attract clients rather than chase them, and is designed to build your authority and credibility to bring in qualified leads. It’s so much more than just a website!

Entry level packages start at $1900usd.
Custom packages start at $4000usd.

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If you want the confidence (and profit!) that comes from having a website that attracts exactly the right clients…

I’ve been waiting for you.

You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers.

Do you feel that your website has consistent core messaging and branding that’s scalable enough to take you to the level of success that you most desire? If so, then you don’t need the Signature Package. If not, buckle up and get ready! It’s time to put some skin in the game so you can finally get the website you’ve always wanted.
You’ll receive a content workbook so you know what you need to provide for each page. If you like to write and you think you’re pretty good at it, or you can’t spend anymore money on professional services at this time, then absolutely give it a go!

If you don’t love writing or you feel totally overwhelmed, I recommend hiring a copywriter. They make your life so much easier, and when you read your copy, you’ll be like “Wow! I can’t believe this is for me!” (At least that’s how I feel when I hire them.)

Honestly, I’d say yes. Your photos make a huge difference on your website. A website with professional photos will look much nicer than a website with photos taken on your iPhone while you were out to dinner on your last birthday. At the very least I need a professional headshot to work with.

We also use premium stock images from Adobe Stock.

A basic type logo with nice font(s) that match your overall brand is included. Since you’re not a company with products in stores all across the globe, but instead someone who just needs a professional mark to use on your website and business cards, this is often more than enough.

If you want to go through the whole logo design process, get multiple design concepts and artwork to choose from, you can add that on for an additional $500.

If you already have a logo, that can be used or ‘refreshed’ if needed.

There’s a reason why big businesses spend millions of dollars per year on branding: it works. The problem is you don’t have millions of dollars (yet). But I bet you can come up with $4500, especially with our easy-peasy payment plans. It’ll change your life.
We can automate the process of purchasing up to 3 services or products on your website.

However, an eCommerce store with many products along with a shopping cart is another story. If you do need this, it can be added on for $700 which includes 15 products.

Not sure what you need? Send a message or schedule a free consultation call so we can discuss.

  • “OMG GORGEOUS!!! It feels so much more “me!”!!!! This is such a fun process, truly! Feels expansive! I am just having so much fun and I can’t tell you how much I love your work and how well you’re able to transform my vision, which is sometimes hard for me to articulate, and turn it into art!”
    Michelle Grewall, Business Coach

  • “Tiffany delivered SO much more than I bargained for when I asked her to build me a new website. Before working with Tiffany, I felt embarrassed of my website and was hiding from social media so no one would see it. The whole process was very guided and easy to follow. It was like she was holding my hand through it all.”Maddie Penko, Health Coach

  • “Tiffany has been like a breath of fresh air breathing life back into my site. She has gone over and above on many occasions and I just couldn’t be happier. She understands small business needs and fears and has guided me through all the difficulties with grace, ease and much appreciated patience.”
    Abby Strandly, Health Coach, The Nourishing Nut

  • “Working with Tiffany to build my brand and website was one of the greatest things I’ve done for my business! She listened closely to my needs and how I wanted to convey my message and then actively put my ideas together to create a beautiful site. The entire process was fast, efficient and easy!”Mandy Leonardo, Mindset Coach & Hypnotherapist

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What is one new client worth to you?

In a survey of 100 online entrepreneurs…

A new client is worth an average of:
$1,631 in income the first year
$9,065 in lifetime income
$2,688 in referral income

That’s an average total of $13,384 for each new client!

If your new website helps you book even one new client, you can easily see the return on your investment!

“Ever since launching my new website, I have had several new clients sign up, and have been asked to participate in some exciting opportunities. ”Melissa Williams, Brand Meets Copy®

Working with Tiffany to build my brand and website was one of the greatest things I’ve done for my business! She listened closely to my needs and how I wanted to convey my message and then actively put my ideas together to create a beautiful site. The entire process was fast, efficient and easy!Mandy Leonardo, Mindset Coach & Hypnotherapist

Brand Meets Copy

“When I get on the phone with potential clients now they all say: “I love your website!” It makes me feel such confidence in putting myself out there. I also love how you really captured my personality with the design elements. It could not have been a better experience.”
Melissa Williams, Brand Meets Copy®

Ready for your business to Take Flight?

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