How to create transformational packages that enable you to charge more, deliver amazing results, and attract perfect clients

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An integral part of being a visionary entrepreneur is being able to feel good about your products, programs, and services. The key to feeling good about charging higher prices and working with people for longer amounts of time is to develop programs that truly deliver amazing results for clients in the form of transformational packages.

Transformational packages come in many forms. Whether it’s a one-on-one program, a group coaching program, a LIVE event, or a self-study course, I believe that the visionary entrepreneur only makes packages that are truly transformational available.

A transformational package is a way for a client to work with you, over a series of weeks or months, in which they can get truly amazing results. This may be geared toward one or two specific transformations in the case of a shorter program, or it may be several bigger transformations in the case of a longer working relationship.

Transformational packages do three things:

  1. Allow you to charge a premium price for your programs, products, and services, while positioning yourself as an expert.
  2. Enable your clients to get much bigger results than they could get just working with you on a per session basis.
  3. Make selling much more easy and natural, because you feel completely comfortable and confident in the value of what you are offering, as well as in the results clients will get.
I am going to show you how you can create a transformational package that you can offer to your clients, or prospective clients, right now. Use this guide every single time that you want to create a new offering for your clients.

Here’s how to create a Transformational Package

There are five steps to developing transformational packages.

If you are creating your first transformational package, I highly recommend that you offer some way for people to work with you one-on-one, over a longer period of time (three month minimum), in a way that you can feel comfortable charging a higher price for.

If you already have a one-on-one package, you may either want to revise your current offering so that it is truly transformational, or you may want to begin developing a leveraged transformational package in the form of an informational product or group coaching program.

These steps work in either case.

Step #1: Figure out who exactly who you want to serve with your transformational package.

Every package that you develop should be targeted to your target market or to a smaller subset within your target market. Remember, people will pay more for specialized knowledge.
The more specific the group to which you target your program, the more people will be excited to enroll in the program.
Additionally, the more specific you are with your program, the more your prospects will feel like you understand their exact needs. When you are able to understand them, in a way that feels like you are practically reading their mind, then they know without a shadow of a doubt that you are the one that will help them. Competition becomes irrelevant when they have found exactly what they are looking for.
Who will your 1st transformational package specifically serve?

Step #2: Formulate the specific transformations that people can expect to achieve, as a result of this program, if they do all of the work.

If people are going to invest in your program, be authentic and honest with them about the specific transformations that are possible if they do the work in the program.

Note: these transformations must be specific! “Getting unstuck,” “Removing blocks,” or “Changing your life” are not specific.

Transformations will be somewhat dependent on the level of investment and time required to complete the program. For instance, a six month intensive one-on-one coaching program should have more transformations than a three week self-study program.

What are the specific transformations that people can expect to achieve as a result of your transformational package?

Step #3: Logistics: What is the best way to deliver this program so that participants get maximum benefit?

It’s really important to consider the logistics of how you will deliver your program.

While people buy results, not logistics, it’s still important to let people know how they can access the program so that they can be confident in their purchase.

Answer the following logistical questions:
  • How long will my program be?
  • How will I deliver the program? (online, in person, over the phone, one-to-one or one-to-many)
  • Do people have to attend live? (for group coaching programs)
  • Can people get a refund? If so, when?
  • How will I handle customer service inquiries?
  • Is there a registration deadline?
  • Will I offer early-bird or beta pricing?
  • Will I offer upsells in the program? For example, an upgrade in a group coaching program could be monthly one-on-one meetings.
  • How will I ensure that people will different learning styles can benefit from the program?
  • How will I build accountability into the program?

Step #4: Pricing the Program

When it comes to pricing the program, one question is always front and center in my mind, “What level of investment does a client need to make in order to take the program seriously and get big results.”

For example, a $50 self-study program is not going to inspire someone to build a six figure business. Similarly, a $25 a month rapid weight loss program is not going to inspire someone to quickly and healthily lose over 20 lbs.

“If you are providing transformation, then you need to be charging for transformation.” ~ Pamela Bruner

Set your price based on the type of transformation that someone can get, the level of commitment they need to be successful, and then factor in logistics like how long the program is and the cost to you to create the program.

The price for this transformational package is $

Step #5: Name your program.

The name of your program should be clear, inspiring, educational, and immediately indicate that buying the program would be enormously valuable.

Too many programs fail because the people who create them choose names that don’t immediately convey value, are confusing, or are simply too general to get people excited.

A few notes about names:

  • Always choose clarity over cleverness. If people don’t know what your program is they aren’t going to buy it.
  • Don’t be afraid to have a longer title for your program.
  • Create a title that promises results and gets people excited.
  • Your title should clearly convey at least one transformation that a person will get by enrolling.
  • Make sure your title speaks directly to your target audience.
  • Don’t be afraid to survey your current clients and ask them which title is more appealing to them.
Brainstorm some potential titles for your Transformational Package.

What are your thoughts on a Transformational Package? Do you have one already, or has this post inspired you to create one of your own? Let me know in the comments!


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